Coach Kevin

Jackie Cooper

“As a 55 year old age grouper, I have many years of running and duathlon races and five years of triathlon races. I never in my wildest dreams imagined the results that I have achieved in my first year of training with Coach Kevin Danahy at TriCoach!

I started the season with a marathon-qualifying time for Boston and ended my season on a full distance Ironman podium; to say I am pleased with the training is a vast understatement. I have improved my triathlon times immensely!

Coach Kevin is amazingly talented: in training, understanding body positions/weaknesses as well as how to correct them and he really understands personalities and motivators as well. I never thought I would find everything I needed as an older athlete in one coach and Coach Kevin is definitely the coach that exceeds all my athletic aches/pains and needs! I should not be surprised, take a look at his background and certifications.

My workout plans were challenging, yet I never felt they were too much to accomplish. The flexibility to change things around yet finish the entire plan have helped to have a “life” during full distance Ironman training in addition to the podium finishes. There are so many times I have completed a training session or crossed the finish line and thought “Coach Kevin is a genius!”

I cannot wait for next season! If you are looking for results, I highly recommend Kevin!”

J. Visintainer PT,DPT,CMP,CKTP

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I have always been very skeptical of hiring coaches for triathlon as I have seen many injuries occur and dangerous habits carried out. I have recently moved to Rehoboth Beach and realized to reach my goals I would require the assistance and expertise of a coach. Coach Kevin Danahy is not only an established coach and successful athlete, he offers something, in my opinion, that is even more important: his extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology. With a Masters in Exercise Science, Kevin brings to the table an understanding of the human body and biomechanics that gives me the security and peace of mind that I will not only achieve my goals, but I will cross the finish line with minimal risk of injury, and in my world – that is priceless. Thank you Kevin, and here is to the first season of many!

J. Visintainer PT,DPT,CMP,CKTP
Pivot Physical Therapy
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Certified Mulligan Practitioner
Certified Kinesiotape Practitioner

Corey Davis

“In 2007 I was involved in a motorcycle accident that put me in a coma for 7 weeks. I had just started doing triathlons, sprints only, before the accident and vowed from my wheelchair to someday return to them. I slowly began to try running, biking and swimming but it was all harder for me to do then before the accident. I first found Kevin by searching for a running analysis to try to improve my running gait. He changed my style to help alleviate some of the problems I had from the brain injury and also orthopedics injuries. Since I started working with Kevin I have hit multiple personal bests including before the accident. I would highly recommend Kevin for any coaching service.”

Tim Naylor

“In 2010 I was out of shape and couldn’t swim 50 meters and after watching a triathlon in person I decided to make a change. After meeting with Kevin, we developed a plan that met my goals and schedule. 6 months later I completed my first sprint triathlon and have continued to work my way up to Olympic and Half Iron triathlons. I now race four to five triathlons a year and train year round. I’m confident with my fitness level and preparation entering each event because of Kevin’s training plans. If I have questions or concern, Kevin is a call or email away with the answer. As I continue to build towards my first full ironman and I know I will be ready because of Kevin’s coaching. If you want to achieve your personal best, look no further than Kevin Danahy.”

Kyle Williams

“It’s great looking back through the training log and realizing that I wasn’t able to push 300 watts in my 30 second sprint intervals last year, but now I am able to maintain over 300 across multiple 10 min intervals! Thanks Kevin Danahy!! Only 3 weeks to go until my first Ironman!!”

Luann Goldfarb

“I had never planned on having a coach. After reading a Couch to 5K article I decided to run. I had no idea what I was doing. After a year of “closet” running I decided to celebrate by entering my first 5K. I loved it and I ran more and more, setting my sites on finishing the year with the local 1/2 marathon. As time went on I began having pain, enough that I was forced to get help. I tried advice from friends, physical therapists, yoga, and finally the doctor. It only got worse, it was almost impossible to even walk. I ran the race but knew if I wanted to continue to run I needed help. It had to be from someone who knew what I was wanting and from someone that had knowledge and experience. That was Kevin Danahy. Kevin began working with me each week, making a schedule to fit my needs, planning it around my family and work obligations while still keeping it challenging and fun. Many times I found the workouts to be very strenuous but he never asked me to do anything more than I could handle. He has varied the exercises, and added biking and swimming in addition to running. Swimming was especially challenging to me but Kevin is extremely patient and kind. Just four months after training with Kevin I was able to complete a 50K trail run, a sprint triathlon and an ocean swim biathlon in addition to running faster than I ever had before. I have never felt better and know that I have made one of the very best decisions in my life when I contacted Kevin. Another added bonus is that I have met the most amazing, fun and supportive bunch of people in the TriCoach program. Together we are able to share experiences and fears, train together and just have a great time. I am so excited when I think of the future possibilities. I am proud to say I am coached by Kevin Danahy.”

Brandt M Chi

“Before I hired Kevin seven years ago, I was running just to run and now I train to compete in marathons and Ironman. I had also never swam a day in my life before hiring him and he has the video to prove it. Since then, I have completed 24 marathons and completed Ironman in Louisville, Couer d’Alene, and Arizona. I have won Masters, Overall and Age Group in so many 5K’S, 10K”s and Half Marathons  and Marathons that it is just too many to name. I truly appreciate the knowledge, training and support that Kevin has given me to get me through all my races. If you have a goal and you want to achieve it, YOU NEED KEVIN!!”

Jared Tootell

“I have been participating in triathlons for six years now. I started in 2006 after watching my brother complete his first Ironman in Lake Placid 2005. Despite never having had a bike, I signed up for and finished Ironman Lake Placid 2006. The next three years, I spent working at swimming, biking, and running to varying degrees and using my races as opportunities to travel. I tried to get better each year, which meant that I would always do more training than I did the last time… whether it was by the week or by the year. I figured more volume would ensure my finish time was faster than the last. For the most part, this worked as I went from an 11:12 Ironman time to a 10:27 Ironman time in three years. Good right? Kind of… the problem was that the top finishers in my age group were also improving as well, so I was not getting that much closer to feeling like I was competitive. Plus, I was not enjoying the process because I was on an unsustainable path of death by volume! Enter TriCoach….

In 2010, sensing there was more to do, I decided to take triathlon a little more seriously and hire a coach. Over the winter, I met with Kevin to interview him for the job and I explained my goals, or my only goal. I told Kevin that in 2011, I wanted to qualify for Kona…. Period. I told him that if I hired him, he would have to be emotionally invested in that goal and if we were not ready for it, then it would not work out. Without any hesitation, he said lets get to work! We did and after 18 months of working with Kevin, what do I have to show for it? First off, I will be competing in my first Ironman World Championships in October of 2012. Check… Also, I credit Kevin’s guidance for personal best times over the last 18 months in the following events: 5K, 10-miler, half marathon, olympic distance triathlon, half ironman, and ironman (two PRs in 2011 by over 25 minutes each).

What does Kevin do that is so special? For me, he offers a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to setting up your training and racing season. Kevin strikes the right balance between exertion and recovery and makes you accountable to the work. Kevin has always been very accessible and is always thinking about the little things as well as the big picture planning. Hiring a coach is a very personal decision, but for me TriCoach works… the results speak for themselves.”

Paul Timmons / Owner The Firm

“The technology previously only available to the best cyclists in the world is now trickling down to hackers like myself. And my only regret is that I waited this long to walk my bike around the corner to see Kevin. A few hours, which was just too much fun, and the results are amazing. My TT position was more suited to Ironman comfort than 40k fast, and the difference is significant. Post fit I gained 16 more watts with no change in effort. Not a lot? That is .5 mph faster, which is the difference between 10th and 3rd in a USA Cycling 40k TT.

Personal Goal for the season was a top 3 finish in a USA cycling event, was less than a minute away on several occasions. How psyched am I for next season, knowing the potential? My last event was the Deep Blue TT in Augustine Beach DE, which I considered way too short for my strengths, but would be a perfect test for the new position. I had the highest placement of the season, still no podium but climbing up there, and the highest average speed I have ever seen (26.1 mph in the last 6 miles)

“True confidence is real proof of ability.” And these results are real, the wind tunnel proves it to you. Free speed! Of course it is not “free” but how much did you spend on your wheels? It is highly likely you are not getting the most out of your significant investment of both time and money if your aero position is less than ideal for your distance and goals. Anyone who wants to get faster needs to do this, and don’t we all fall into that category? Kevin and aerofit mobile offer an amazing product and we are incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity right here.

Good luck everyone and Thank you Kevin”
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